Friday, September 18, 2015

What you need to know about the Pennsylvania Clean Power Plan

President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took historic action on August 3, 2015 when they announced the finalized Clean Power Plan (CPP), a step to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change. The plan extends to the year 2030 and focuses on lowering emissions from power plants and increasing renewable energy and efficiency. States will individually develop plans to meet the guidelines laid out by the CPP.

Pennsylvania already has programs that would get us over halfway to our goal, if they are fully put into effect. These current policies would meet 51% of the goal. The other 49% will be covered by increasing energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy, and taking other additional measures. By adjusting the energy efficiency savings goal to 1.5% (which is consistent with leading states),PA  would get to 14% of the target.  The state can also increase the percent of renewable energy to 20%, which again compares to surrounding states and would alone get us 31% closer the aim. The leftover 4% is easily attainable by updating building codes and the efficiency of power plants. 

The Wolf administration's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), will be holding 14 community listening sessions across to state to provide the public and opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about the Clean Power Plan.  Click here to learn more about these sessions.

Members and staff at the first listening session held in Harrisburg on 15 September.