Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Troubled Waters

Cover Current IssueLife began in water. It’s been over 3 billion years since the first simple cell discovered the ability to split in two. But water has been part of the life sustaining process ever 

Life has evolved. Plants and animals have developed in their own ways, and finally people have come along. Humans have succeeded because of our developing ability to exploit our world. But now we have become so good at exploiting it that we are wearing out our world. We can’t live without air, but we are polluting it.

And we can’t live without water. But we are wasting it, polluting it, and often turning it into poison. Pennsylvania is blessed with an abundance of water. Beautiful rivers define our landscape. However, our careless practices of mining coal, pumping oil, clear cutting forests, destroying soil through exploitative agriculture, and, now, fracking for gas are destroying our legacy.

Because of our reckless, unlimited use of water, we are killing its life-giving qualities -- and if we are not careful -- ourselves.

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