Tuesday, October 15, 2013

“And the People Shall Lead: Centralizing Frontline Community Leadership in the Movement Towards a Sustainable Planet”

A movement support paper about barriers and opportunities for improving collaboration between big environmental organizations and grassroots/frontline communities.

The paper is based on notes from “Engaging Non-Traditional Groups in Coal Plant Retirement” a session the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, the American Lung Association, the Sierra Club and the NAACP co-facilitated at the  February 2011 Coal Plant Retirement conference.  It also includes illustrative scenarios from the experiences of people/organizations in the movement. The observations and recommendations are applicable beyond the environmental and climate justice arena,
as the dynamics described can be found in other movements worldwide.

We hope this paper will provide thought-provoking illumination of the challenges faced as groups have tried to collaborate, as well as pathways to building a more cohesive movement, led by frontline communitieswith principles of democratic organizing modeled by the Jemez Principles.

Jacqui Patterson
Director, Environmental and Climate Justice Program
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215

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