Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I <❤> Clean Water

We have an opportunity to join an environmental battle that we have a good chance to win. Help us restore protections to ALL the waters of the United States. Many organizations across the United States are working together to restore the Clean Water Act and we should join them.

In anticipation of EPA soon releasing a proposed rule to clarify Clean Water Act protections for small streams and wetlands,  Clean Water Action we will be hosting a grassroots call next 
                                           Wednesday, January 22nd from 2-3pm ET.   
On this call  we will share the latest information on timing, provide an update on last month’s Science Advisory Board meetings on the Connectivity Report, and discuss campaign activities.  If you plan to participate, please RSVP to jpeters@cleanwater.org.

The Clean Water Act broadly protected the waters of the United States until about ten years ago when two Supreme Court decisions left many small streams, wetlands, and headwaters unprotected. There have been many jurisdictional disputes regarding whether certain waters were connected with other waters. Also, many waters were drained, filled in, disturbed. 

Many of us have been working in recent years to restore protections to all “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) because we understand that all types of waters are connected. We know that our mighty rivers, large lakes, and oceans will in turn be cleaner and healthier.
Over the next year, we have a narrow but real window to advance a strong “water of the US” rule that will clarify and resolve which waters are connected and thus deserve protection. Our success depends upon establishing a strong scientific basis for broad jurisdiction and a broad and effective grassroots mobilization across the country. We know there will be pushback from the Farm Bureau, builders etc but we think we can prevail.

Barbara Benson, Water Issues co-chair

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