Monday, May 19, 2014

Cast your ballot for the environment!


Be prepared: The PA primary is less than one week away! The importance of voting in the primary cannot be overstated, as elected officials will be facing critical environmental issues during their tenures.
Vote!  Make a plan to vote prior to Election Day. Identify your polling location, and know the time of day you plan to vote. Remind friends and family about voting.
Know Your Candidates: Most candidates provide important information about their environmental voting record, or positions on environmental issues, on their candidate websites. If your local Sierra Club group has obtained a Club endorsement for a strong environmental candidate in the May primary you should find information on your group’s website.  Questions about endorsed candidates may also be directed to your group’s political chair.  Many groups assist campaigns by providing volunteer support through phone banking and canvassing.

Statewide Endorsement: The PA Chapter has endorsed Brad Koplinski in the race for Lieutenant Governor. 
Click here for more information on candidate backgrounds and click here for gubernatorial candidate energy issues.
Thank you for being an environmental voter!
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Joanne Kilgour, Director
Sierra Club PA Chapter

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