Friday, February 6, 2015

ALCOSAN Changes Its Tune

Two weeks ago, ALCOSAN held three public meetings about fixing our sewer overflow problems.  We want to give you an update so that you, as a ratepayer, can know what ALCOSAN is saying and how they plan to spend our money. 

The hard work of ratepayers like you has shifted ALCOSAN’s message dramatically. Instead of talking about a Wet Weather Control Plan focused solely on tunnels, they now talk about the benefits and importance of green infrastructure.  

ALCOSAN sewer overflow sign.
Recent ALCOSAN messaging has been riddled with unsupported Claims

Unfortunately, their new message was not supported with evidence.  In fact, the information presented showed that the plan and budget have not really shifted at all. What the public heard at these meetings was more of the same.  People who came saw budgets that reflect gray priorities and tunnels. They heard excuses for why things can't be done rather than solutions. In short, they saw a presentation long on spin but short on details, metrics and commitments.  You can read the campaign’s full update here.  

Through the Clean Rivers Campaign, the Sierra Club has been working to ensure that the investment of our ratepayer dollars reflects our values and priorities. We want to maximize green infrastructure and produce benefits and jobs for our communities. We want to ensure that everyone pays their fair share. We want to protect our neighbors and our health by implementing a customer assistance program.  

We will have to be vigilant to make sure that ALCOSAN invests our money wisely and fairly. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved with the Sierra Club and the Clean Rivers Campaign!

You can read the Clean Rivers Campaign’s full statement and Fact Check by clicking here.  
Thanks for your continuing support,

Tom Hoffman
Conservation Program Coordinator

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